Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodness, Gracious. Wow, Even.

Good morning out there!

I haven't been here.

There's many places I haven't been, and I would love to say that I have been off saving the world for you. Or mastering chocolate sponge-cake making.

Alas, I have not. I have been kid-chasing, mom-helping, and, um, house-buying.

What timing, eh? Wait till my mother has her hip replaced, and then tell her she needs to help us move....slick, eh?

Okay, it's a little more like 'wow, this works for us. Mostly. Timing is pretty good. Location is awesome. Okay, let's buy it.'

a little, anyway. And damn, anyone trading up a cute little townhome (well, renting it out, since we would take such a cold, dirty bath on it if we tried to sell it!!) for a four bedroom, yet tastefully arranged model home should be hopping up and down and embarressing herself with the Alleluia chorus (hm, and appalling spelling.)

I am not hopping. Partly because my shoes aren't on and I only have about thirty minutes worth of coffee going. The other part is that I've had the Life sucked out of me by those rodeo clowns I've been speaking to all last week, courtesy of the mortgage industry. (Note to all of you in the Mortgage Industry - this doesn't mean you are all clowns. Only two of you, and I would be shocked as hell if you read artsy mommy blogs. But apologies to any rodeo clowns, as you are gainfully employed doing something I could never do.)

These are great problems to have, but it means that I need an hours worth of coffee before I have to do anything at all today, like remembering everything on the mental to-do list that is house-concerned, before my hubby goes to work and takes the one high-functioning critical-thinking brain out of the house. (This - right here - is responsible for me setting the alarm wrongly and freaking out my husband with a blasting, honking alarm at 6:00 am, instead of the soothing classical I prefer to wake up to. No wonder he's bolting to work in a hurry! Sorry, honey!)

Every now and again I am poking about on Pinterest (See!? shiny things that look cool! for a house! Yay!) but that's about the artsiest I am going to get for a while. I have about 3 and a half million things left to do this week, so my daughter is going to be slighted in the crafts dept. for a little while longer (poor dear. I know you will get your inky and glue-covered fingers in my face for this and i don't blame you one bit.)

Time to roll out the to-do list, but I just wanted to thank you for stopping by when you do.

The Mayhem is going to start hittin' the roof....

Have a wonderful, glue-free week ;-)



  1. I would love to be writing this post. :) Best of luck with the move and all of the stress that goes with it. We've moved a lot, so I know how head-melting (and kind of exciting) it is. :) Lots of happiness in the new gaff!

  2. Oh thank you Claire - I will move straight on to the happiness as soon as I finish up with the head-melting!! We have been saving up to make this move, so it is a really big dream for us. Hell on the writing time, though ;-) Have a lovely week with an utter dearth of head-melting!!! ;-)