Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is a Speed Post

No editing, just thoughts off the top of my head, how they sound in my head, mostly. kinda.

What with buying one house, preparing to rent out the old one, catching up on the legalese involved, and trying to keep the children Minimally Bothered by all the commotion, I am not giving time to writing, but in between all the 'hurry-up-and-wait', I am doing some sessions of major thinking.

I am thinking about how the 20's are kind of our way of finding out, finally, who we are not. And doesn't That make you want to grab every 13 year-old girl and say, "there is so much grace in knowing who you are not. You know who you are not. Don't be that person'.

I am thinking about how spirituality could be so uncomplicated, if we could feel that our Faith was a treasure to share, rather than a burden to bear.

I wonder why I am so troubled with other lives and worries, when I am finally getting to a place where I can make a difference - maybe only small, sometimes, but more than I could before - in a crunch. This should make me really happy, and yet I find myself muttering.....this may not be enough. What I can and will do, will help, but will it be enough?

There should be some....peace, maybe, in writing this down and staring at it. Letting it percolate. Perhaps there will be. We've cleared away and dealt with almost all of the real clutter in our home, so it is obviously more peaceful now. Needing to keep it that way for showings will probably really help.

I don't think it's just peace I am looking for, though. But I also think the searching itself is a good starting place. My own problems are good problems to have. Clearing away the mental distraction is the next step, if these persistent thoughts are to have an action or resolution. And I think that might be the destination I need.

Just musings, not very well explained, and I've spared you the 'expounding' of which I am typically guilty. Life's like that sometimes.

Next post will be coherent.

This is just what is on my mind :-)

Have a lovely week!


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