Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice, Stones, Love

Hello, far-flung friends!

Today has been about family duties - not just me corralling, feeding, and training up the kids - actual duties. My lovely mother has been in to have surgery, and with her hard-working husband doing his work in Oklahoma, that left me here for the hand-holding duties. Since she's been here for two foot surgeries and two C-sections, I am not complaining.

This comes just after my husband and I returned from a northern trip (yes, there is still some MN North of us) to retreat together for stillness, and for each other.

We differ, a bit, in what we think of as 'paradise'. Invariably, he is about the warm sunny peacefulness of a quiet tropical beach.

I am all about the quiet of a state park, on a weekday, an hour south of Canada in February....provided there's a crackling fire and indoor/outdoor hot-tubs to choose from. My husband has a sunny personality, I have a more contemplative. He doesn't ponder much, I don't live in the moment much. Hence, we do a lot of learning from each other, a highly attractive process, come to that.

In any case, we had our time together, and came home to kids who need us, and my mom (and her little dog, too!) who also needs us. Being recharged, I am more than up for it. If I get my beauty sleep, that is. 

So, I will leave you with one more image from the trip (I'll put up the link to the album later, check back!) and get off to bed. I have some delightful projects coming up that I can't blog much about until they are done, But, I promise you pics when I'm through.

If I really get my act together, I may re-post "Winter", just because i seem to be in a bit of a recycling craze.

As always, don't feel shy about leaving comments. I'm sure other readers stumbling through here may find something in common with you, and that shouldn't be too terrible....;-)

I hope you have a lovely, warm, cozy night.

Thank you for coming by to visit.


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