Saturday, December 31, 2011

very quickly.....

Depending on when I get back to cyber land, I want to wish you a happy new year. I also want to hop back on later and post pretty things and updates. Responding to shameless requests for money from the democratic party has stolen a bit of that time, so I will be back later today.  I did a bit of painting last night and some design, so I am happier with myself than I have been in awhile. I also giggled for awhile during my responses, honestly, what do they think they can do with $12,000 anyway? Buy gas for the democratic party? Donuts and coffee?

As with most of you, the holiday season has been keeping us busy - in a good way. I wish for you all the same.

More later, must scoot now!



  1. Happy New Year!! (well almost). I am sitting on my bum, watching Final Destination 2 (pretending to write), while my hubby preps for tonight's dinner (pork roulade stuffed w/ blue cheese and pine nuts). Hope you have a great weekend and year!

  2. Claudia! How clever of you to have a husband that cooks New Years Eve! We split the duties at our house, and the clean up is well, all that's left is final tidy, eating cake, and deciding when the kids ought to catch some sleep!! I hope you two rest, recharge, and set yourselves up for an Even Better 2012!