Friday, December 9, 2011

Snow Angel

It is Very. Very. Cold.

In order to hop back into the holiday mood, I have posted a pic of my homemade snow angel. She could use some tidying up, perhaps. But, considering she's made of a clothespin, brown paper bag scrap, paper doily, glitter and glue, scavenged feathers and cheesecloth, as well as a torn scrap of aluminum foil, I think she's acceptable for now. (yep, I know that angels are It's. Also, many of them are not at home without a flaming sword. But I was going for simplified ;-)

I had started a poem about a rookie angel, but I doubt this one is the same. This is more a celebration of the change of the year. And to peek at the glory around you (don't forget to get up early tomorrow morning for the lunar eclipse!)

I have to fly, much to do and little time to do it! My hands and face are dreadfully dry right now, so I am going to chug my icewater, wrap a present, indulge in some serious moisturizer and pull on my cozy gloves and scarf. I can't outdo my daughter in the winter gear - she has a panda hat, for heavens sake! - but I feel I need to layer on and protect my skin!

Stay warm, safe, and filled with enough joy to get you through the weekend :-)


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