Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breathing In the Season - Eating, Writing, Thinking...

Goodness, only 3 days left 'till Christmas Eve! Before any other time slips by, may I extend further wishes for a stress-free end of the week! If you do not celebrate Christmas, at least half of those around you do, and I pray their stress doesn't raise yours :-)

In my last post, I mentioned that I draw a lot of relief from aesthetics. Happily, it's one of the revelations I use to stay on top of housework when I am in my current condition, sniffly, tired, and grasping for grace. As the Queen of Good Intentions, it would be remiss to not acknowledge that I am occasionally, also, the Fool of Follow-Through! I feel like I have not kept quite up with my ambitions for the week, but then, that's what babysteps are for. At the very least, shopping is done, all but 3 presents are wrapped for the kids, and there are not many others to take care of.

My mother's birthday is Christmas day, so I've set a good - relatively easy - brunch menu to make for her, my step-dad and my family. I've been looking forward to making Cinnamon-Pancetta waffles for some time, and I get to attempt a hollandaise (thank you Joy of Cooking!) sauce for Eggs Benedict. If I'm really on top of it, I can make her a cafe mocha. If I'm Not on top of it, it will be Coffee and Baileys, with Prosecco, OJ, and fresh fruit. I'm also considering the prosciutto/rosemary/raspberry jam panini with cheese and brown sugar.

Damn, I hope I stay on top of it!

I'm...stewing over the WIP. Again. Still haven't resolved my thoughts about how the story ends, either. It can go one of two ways, and the more violent ending seems to make the most "sense" for the arc of the story. Not sure how to refigure it if I aim for a less-violent ending. So, the twisty little bugger is in a thoroughly earned time-out for a bit! However, I haven't been entirely lazy in the Arts dept. I came up with a pretty design for my aunt's 50th birthday card, and have begun sketching ideas for my mom's. I did a respectable one for my step-mother as well, and surprised myself by playing a melody line of "Ode to Joy' on my son's violin - from memory (can't read music). And last night, in a rare quiet moment, I did some research for the next story on the burner. So far, it looks like I need a pre-statehood map of Minnesota/Michigan trading posts. Which seems less daunting than the ecotoxicology I've been researching for my horror WIP - still no title for the damned thing, either!

In February, I may get away with my husband for a bit of a winter vacation - I'm looking forward to quiet walks and recuperation. He deserves a break and a good amount of electronic downtime. Unplugging. We'll see about getting to one of the north shore resort areas, and take in the stillness for awhile. That idea is so calming to me now, that just meditating on the quieter air, the awesomely still and expansive horizon, I believe I may have just settled my allergies down a bit - or maybe that's just my Winter Minestrone kicking in ;-) (thank you, Giada).

So, that's what this fumbling, vaguely artistic, and perhaps overly-ambitious blogger has been up to...and very little else.

I think the morning of the twenty-sixth, I may let myself sleep in until noon.....

Wishing you all a beautiful week, a lovely holiday, and as much peace and respite as you need. Then, come back and visit.

Otherwise, you'll never know if I managed to serve a tasty brunch at Christmas....or merely salmonella salad!

My best to you all ;-)



  1. I hope you managed a wonderful, relaxing break. You sound like you need it :)... and have definitely earned it!!

  2. I want to come to your place on Christmas for your mom's b-day brunch!! Luckily, my hubby makes eggs benedict when we stay at his moms, so I won't be too jealous! And I haven't forgotten your WIP! I have been so swamped, but I have lots of time this break, so you'll be hearing from me soon. Love ya girl and have a happy MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  3. Thank you, Melissa - the holiday season is for recharging ourselves, as well as helping recharge others! Figuring out that balance thing is my wobbly ambition, too. :-)

    I wish you as much peace and quiet, comfort and joy as you can possibly stand - thank you for coming by!!!

  4. Claudia - are you kidding me??!!! SEND ME SOME TIPS FROM YOUR HUBBY on the eggs benedict!!!! I am not worried about that WIP - it is stewing very happily where it 'tis, we need some 'apart' time, I think ;-)

    Personally, I LOVE hearing how swamped you are - you are a few steps 'ahead' of me, so to speak, and I learn a LOT from your endeavors.

    Love to you & your Hubby and your pups from MN -if I Had any frickin' spare snowflakes, I'd send them your way!! I hope your Christmas is excellent in every way!!