Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Honor of Thanksgiving - The 2nd Annual Post of.... The Turkey Poem...

It’s Not by Chance

There are some people who haven't forgotten
- that chickens once had teeth;
- that creatures like emus once hunted in packs,
like wolves
- and that somewhere in the spiral
behind the eyes of a vulture
and in the hips of an ostrich
the equation for tyrant lizards lies in wait.

There are other people who know
that a wild turkey
entering a windshield 
at 65 miles an hour
northbound on 35W, is a gift from God

- it's three days before Thanksgiving,
- the only things broken are the windshield and one bird neck,
- you have the number of a very good butcher.

 by shari emerson

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. Ha! As someone who has, many times, driven by flocks of wild turkeys and glared at them through the window, just daring them to move, I approve of this poem!

    Well done. Thanks for the morning smile!

  2. Glad to get the grins going, ladies :) I get hideously stressed at thanksgiving, so trying to lighten up now seems right :-)

    Now, no fowl-ups this week, it gets in the way of gobbling up the meal :-)

    Thanks for flying by!