Tuesday, January 29, 2013

very quickly, mini-news at the orchid house

Hello lovely strangers!

 I am only posting in quickly to say that I have hit a strange burst of creativity and have written two short stories this week, and started the seeds of a third. They are MINI stories - damn near 'flash fiction' and are thematically linked.

They are part of my 'multiple media' project I am burbling away on, and it's an exciting feeling to, um, Finish Two Stories.

I sent them off to the appropriate audience (er, I hope) for beta-reads, and should have some feedback. My readers are at varying levels of maturity and proficiency so I should get a nice cross-section of viewpoints.

Little bitty victories, but victories nonetheless.

I'd hoped for some quiet time with my husband tonight, instead we have a very Awake little boy. If I want to be Half as alert in the morning, it would behoove me to hop upstairs and see if everyone finally made it to sleep. Quiet time will have to wait for.....another quiet moment in the orchid house, I guess.

oh well.

I'll let the thrill of creativity surf me through tomorrow, and hope that can fire me up for less imaginative, but more important, parts of the real day. It's likely I will get a few 'Huh?'s", and perhaps a few...."hmmmms", for feedback,  and that's okay.

if I don't put it out there, I won't know what I have. And if I don't figure that out, it doesn't have legs.

And I'd rather hear that from people who presumably like me than complete strangers!

So, off to the next tomorrow.

Sweet, creative, and not-remotely-singed-dreams to you all ;-)



  1. well thank you :-) it's nice to have a creative target that stayed still long enough for me to HIT IT!

    As this evolves (please let it do that. a lot) it will be fun to flesh out what I am concocting. Thanks for commenting here, it's a nice boost!

    Have a lovely day :-)