Wednesday, April 13, 2011

slow start to the week :-), Row 80 and 0therwise

The  weeks start is not writing-intensive.  I've been a little too much in the reading/critting, and less in the writing and fixing world.  So, that's something to correct.  Like, a lot.

My girl is a bit down with a headcold, which is only dire since she won't let me put anything on her nose to protect it.  So, every four minutes I had to rescue her with a 'pweenex'.  Kept the day busier than I thought it would be. C'est la vie - that's parenthood for ya.

It's late to set up the link, but I'll set it up tomorrow, and you can hop around to your heart's content :-)

Have a terrific week!

(this is me, straining for chirpy. or something. Not wallowing in disappointment, 'cause that would take a whole lot of effort and honestly I don't have the energy. I think I'm just going to shift my missing minutes as needed and keep on. I have enough grey hairs without worrying about a slow writing week when I know I can catch it up :-)

Link :-)



  1. Is everyone sick this week?? I haven't done much this week except work every night (plus my 8hr days) and finalized the last of the edits (you'll get a copy soon!!!).

  2. Hey! The week was so grim i thought I'd time travel/wait a bit to respond :-) X to colds, they are done. Finally.

    I'm really looking forward to my copy!!! Also, I noticed you grunged up the type a bit, don't know if it was that way before and I missed it, but it looks really, really good!! Hope your evenings are straightened out now!!