Tuesday, April 26, 2011

quick post - it's only Tuesday, after all :-)

Ok, well, here goes another rainy day at the orchid house.

I've not posted a recent portrait of the sole orchid IN the house in some time. Mainly because the poor confused thing has raised two roots in abject surrender....well, it used to be two roots.  One fell off. The other is apparently getting enough moisture from the soggy spring air and is pointing west. Being about 10 inches long, it's a fairly dramatic pose. In order to actually coerce the damned thing into producing a bloom spike, it needs night time temps around 30 degrees cooler than the daytime temp, for about 2 weeks. Every two days, I remember this, and vow to relegate the beast to the garage. Clearly, this could take a while.

Tomorrow night is the Dakota County-South St. Paul Poetry/Rap contest Open Mic Night, at the Galaxie Library in  Apple Valley. If I don't show up, I won't find out who won the adult category poetry contest until a week later.  I'll also miss Heid E. Erdrich, 2009 winner of the Minnesota Book Award for poetry, reading selections from her newest book. That would be a shame. I'd also miss hearing other contestants at the open mic, and that could be a shame also.  And, I'll miss the chance to flub my way through 'Winter, Act 1', AND the turkey poem ('It's Not by Chance). And what kind of poet would I be if I missed all that?

The chicken kind.Who will have to drive through this thoroughly soggy weather for the privilege of Not being a chicken.

So, that's where I'll be tomorrow. I hope where you will be tomorrow is warm, cozy, and chicken-free.


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