Thursday, May 1, 2014

Projects Taking Flight....

Good Morning out there!

Well, it has to be a good morning out there, somewhere, just because we've had weeks of grey doesn't mean everyone else has!!

The fellow at right was from the 'southern hemisphere' exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Tiny little menacing guy. He looks like he's either busting the best prehistoric moves ever, or he just surprised everyone with 'No One expects the Jurassic Inquisition!!'

He makes me laugh :-)

I actually did some fun, albeit messy sketching there, trying to decipher the skull shapes and bony functions. Couldn't get close - this one was.....tall, among other things. But it never hurts to try ;-)

Today I am time-lining my project. It feels like it's coming together in a pattern of 'go', rather than no-go, so am adding an extra dose of discipline to the current goal of 6 hours/week studio time. I picked up a planner dedicated to studio hours only, which sounds silly, as I am indebted to Cozi on my phone to save my skin WEEKLY, but for concentrated planning, I need the touch and feel of paper....having my finger on the pulse of time for the month, and also it's more visually compelling to see the perceived space, rather than the intellectual knowledge of numbers and days.

While I have been - roughly - hitting the numbers, it's not been specific enough or stumble-free. Today, I am going to schedule the next concepts, block out the days that No work is going to happen, and see where I can up the time. Even though this fall will open up my days better with my daughter in school all day, I'd rather feel ahead of the game by summer, rather than feel compressed later on.

In trying to be ahead of the game healthwise, I've started pinning articles on pinterest for health and motivation. I was trying to do one day weekly of yoga, but my lousy planning has me at home with my to-do list, instead of in CLASS! Just another way that no routines = no progress!! I did perfect my lemon-cucumber-mint infused water recipe -  the trick is to let the ingredients infuse no longer than 6 hours, to keep the bitterness out. It doesn't taste too sweet or tart, but wierdly enough, it helps keep me from drowning my fatigue in coffee - i reach for it if it's in the fridge as easily as i do for the coffee pot!  It's even better to me in summer time.

Off to work, to plan, and to make sure things happen without stress. That sounds like a good way to start a weekend, right? I wish the same to everyone :-)


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