Thursday, April 10, 2014

All Things Bright and Beautiful in the Studio

a vignette in my favorite combo, blue and more blue.
It is bright today. And yesterday, and even the two yesterdays before that.

Not precisely newsworthy, but Minnesota seems to have ditched a horrendous case of cabin fever by NOT still having.....14 inches of snow and grey skies. Last year (which I barely remember, due to the puppy-centric spring) we had snow until MAY. Shiny days with brown grass, brown trees, and brown reeds around the pond are gold, in my book. But to make up for the drab, here are some SPARKLYS!!!!

I've been able to stick to the ~six hour studio time commitment pretty well. I am trapped at gymnastics with my kids for an hour-fourty five twice a week, Plenty of time (though zero quiet) to sketch.  I've found the mornings that work best for sitting down in the office. I can't get used to calling it the studio yet because it's still only half done. Today may be a good day to bribe my daughter to hang out with me in there while I organize. (Unfortunately, the price could be high. Lately she's been talking cell phones. I told her I'd listen to her when she could spell it.)

sketch from a quite blurry pig photo.
Cleaning and organizing aren't my forte, but it's necessary - the trade-off is me being more settled and at-the-ready to do more of

Friday will be the last studio morning for the week, and today is YOGA. I am not good at yoga, I mostly go to provide comic relief to my talented, athletic neighbors. They are dedicated and seem to know what they are doing. I don't particularly enjoy it, but I enjoy it more than running, biking, tennis, or anything else that keeps you running. Certainly, it's more fun for me than football. Eventually, I am hoping to at least forestall a dowager's hump by having one or two core muscles. I'll report back when I am 78.

So, it's off to chug some more water, wake some children, and feed that dog. Probably should see if I can find the yoga pants too.

Have a grand Thursday, and enjoy whatever sunshine comes your way :-)


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