Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In the Weeds

The great garden overhaul is gearing up!!!

Mother's Day weekend brought us to the nursery to pick out plants and flowers and seeds. This weekend, I expect some serious raised-bed building and soil prep. This weekend we are also graced with, hm, a ballet recital, soccer practice, scouts, dog school, and a visit from my mother.

Hence, the usage of 'in the weeds'.

Also, view the plot. Everything except the happy dark green chives at left are WEEDS. Smothering and yanking will be the plan, then cover the plot with newspapers and set up them raised beds (4, in fact), fill 'em with dirt, and let the great veggie adventure begin!

But wait, there's more.

We have flagstone 'mini paths' coming off the porch, and they look a little.....


So, there is spiced-orange thyme and irish moss waiting to get installed between/amongst them.
Peonies and hydrangeas are supposedly on their way up, but that will only happen if the dog stops trying to eat them. Which couldn't happen any quicker, our beloved shepherd doesn't BELIEVE me when I tell her those naughty peonies are POISONOUS!

Speaking of the naughty shephard, she is one reason this blog is as neglected as the garden.

She has given herself a tummy bug so I am now cooking home meals more for her than the rest of my family! We get take out, the dog gets pumpkin-and-rice with boiled chicken or ground beef mixed in. There is something wrong with that picture..... 

Anyway, we are Mid-May and hopefully had the last snow day of the year LAST WEEK, so we should be able to plant soon. We hope.

In the meantime, I hope your spring is a sunny one, your days are good ones, and your pets let you get a goodnights sleep.

It makes more difference than you think.

have a beautiful week!!!


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