Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Happy Day

Good Morning!

Sogginess abounds here, as the 10 inches of snow is starting to melt away. Since I've started thinking out my veggie garden and started bulbs for paperwhites, so I am not so sad to see my snowflakes go.

It's my husband's birthday.

Jon is beyond dedicated, he is bright enough to warm our hands on. His love of family is our rock. End of story.

Tonight we are going to see Gaelic Storm play St. Paul, along with our son and his cousin, our godson. Tomorrow, we celebrate all our March birthdays in his family together - it's a great way to honor our family relationships and celebrate together :-) And, I get to 'think spring' in putting together a salad for tomorrow's meal, so I am going to enjoy tearing through springy-veggie ideas (although, I honestly feel like just roasting up a ton of fingerling potatoes, seasoned with olive oil, s&p, fresh parseley, garlic, and rosemary. I know it's not a salad, but dang it's good!!!!!)

Last night, another story idea came to me just as I was falling asleep. I wrote it out this morning and it is rough, but mostly complete. And it is a good feeling to have a third story finished, start to finish, for my mixed-concept project. That's another happy note for the weekend.

Our nephew is staying with us tonight, so I have some more tidying up to do, and ensure we have breakfast lined up, as tomorrow will be sleepy for all of us. Off I go, but I wish you a beautiful spring to come, and a lovely weekend besides.

Onward, my friends :-)


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