Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mood Swings

The current mood is fluttering more erratically than usual - no help for it, time to explore it.

I have several events coalescing this month, some expected, some.... a bit less so. The upshot is that normal mechanisms (whining to friends, making moody art, grumping around silently) don't apply - this is December! Even if I felt being grumpy was productive (it's not) or entertaining (it isn't. Much.) there isn't any time for it. So, I have some moods, images, and art moments that are intersecting oddly - creative reflexes that don't, say, get the house cleaned. Or put dinner on the table. But, make me feel absurdly better just the same.

At left, the latest - admittedly simplistic project. A somewhat early shot of the sky at sun-up, through my garlanded window. Snowflakes of pearly vellum (the wasted, expensive vellum left over from screwing up the invites for Siena's party) hung from a wide burlap ribbon, with pinecones sprinkled with blue/green/white iridescent glitter. Hung with sheer white organza ribbon. No, I didn't get this from pinterest (am I pinning it? You damn betcha!) I came up with it all by myself. It needs some tweaking though, so I don't expect it to hit the hot one hundred pins or so :-)

What else has been percolating, you ask?

(ok, that resounding silence is a bit much. Even for me, the Queen of Awkward Moments. Just play along, okay?)

Right now I am musing on owls, monks, and the excellence of Sean Connery in both "the Name of the Rose" and "The Hunt for Red October". I've read them both excessively. Just ask me to explain how the Politovskiy sank. I'll even diagram the butterfly valve that fouled the reactive system and caused the cold-water accident ;-) I am currently sipping port, peeking at the first mentioned movie, and thinking I need the soundtrack! I tend towards more serious religious contemplation this time of year anyway (have I mentioned I am Catholic?), but even for me, the monk musings are ramping up. I am still intrigued by "Into Great Silence", and this fiction by Eco (t.N.O.T.R.) seems just as strong to me as it was when released (a very long time ago).

Owls? I found myself promising to paint some for my son - but the 'why' is still mysterious. Maybe my inspirations and his are just coming together right now. He checked out a book from school on snowy owls and perhaps that was the tipping point. I also am on a major 'white craze'. Our home has a lot of deeper beige tones that white looks so pretty against. So, I experimented with a Real pinterest project - trying to make sheet-music printed candles. Inspired by Pottery Barn (and therefore, not in my budget). See that little candle? Right to the left of the nest? I did that. What I will say about the process is that printing sheet music onto tissue paper took a very, very long time. Mainly because I kept screwing it up.

Clamor enough in the comments and I will share the step-by-step. Next post, in fact. I did not make the cute little nest. My mother found that and it looks as adorable as it does cozy!

There are a few people who were not too pleased with winter storm Ceasar. I have nothing but gratitude - something you can only say if you didn't get into a car accident this past weekend!! I was in such a funk for the last two days, but I think I am now ready to finish christmasing-up the house, my mood, and our day-to-day.

I hope you aren't fighting the holiday blah's - or blues. They tend to sting like a bastard this time of year, and if I can succumb a little, there are folks that aren't as fortunate, and they can use a boost.

I am trying to remember that - when I am impatient at the grocery store, when I am listening to exhausted sounding complaints, when people are stressed-out and barking demands. There has to be a way to turn things around, even slightly, with kindness. Time to hit the hay myself, to gear up to share some - liberally, and as needed - tomorrow. Whether my mood is ready, or not.

Have a lovely weekend!!!


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